sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

Just who the hell cares

Maybe I just wanna lose myself in the starry sky
It’s probably the best idea that I’ve ever had
I can only think about me right now
So even if I hurt you this is a goodbye

It’s not just only my pride
It’s just the way that I am
I think I no longer need you
So please understand
That to me you are just
Another piece of trash

I can’t handle to lie to the ones I care about
It breaks my heart when I ignore you
But even so I just pretend
I don’t know what you’re talking about

I’m not gonna answer even if you ask
So please tell me why
You keep insisting on that
My heart aches and I don’t know why
It seems I just can’t keep up my act

My legs are trembling
I’m blinded with fear
I feel so nervous
I’m starting to doubt
Is this the best way
To get what I want?

My heart cries
P lease let me be
Please wait a minute more
Please just let me think

Right now I think
That loneliness has a beautiful voice
It has the most charming eyes
And now I wish for it whole

If I have to lie to keep you out of my world
So let it be just the way I didn’t wanted
Then it comes the question I feared the most
So I will just dodge and lie again

But you're important to me so I’ll just keep silent about this.

I don’t wanna talk to you
Because I’m afraid I’ll burst into tears
Once I hear your
Innocent voice


It’s too late to say that nothing is wrong
And even if I lie again
It will not be enough
Your words made a confession
Want to come out from my lips
It still will be nothing
Because they’re silent like a grave
In order to protect you from my crazy self.