domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

First Love

It seems that I don’t have a heart
Strong enough to hold my love for you
And it’s ok to ask for anything
From me

I just can’t get the way you feel
It’s loud enough so i can’t hear anything
So it’s ok to leave me here

I just want you with me
I don’t want to get hurt
While playing with my feelings
And I don’t love you more

I said it’s ok to ask for anything from me
But it’s really not
You should hurry and get away from me
I don’t want to get hurt
Because of you

This is your chance please leave

I changed my mind
I used to dream
About a new life
With you and me

I wanted so much
To have what everyone had
I tried to feel again the same
But I just couldn’t find the way.

I couldn’t feel again that weight
On my chest
The one that kept me
From breathing.

I couldn’t feel any longer
That urgent need
To see you every second
Of my life.

You were my first love
One I’ll never forget
You were my first lesson
About how love shouldn’t be.

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