sábado, 21 de marzo de 2015

Sleeping Face

A cold & cloudy morning
The warmth beneath the sheets
I can feel your slow breath
Brushing through my skin.

I thought that this was over
Last night you pushed my heart
I now i know i’m frozen
When i feel the real warmth

My eyes are closed
And i feel you by my side
I never knew what to expect
When i had to open them wide

What i saw that moment
I will never forget
Your fragile sleeping face
Is burned in my brain.

I remember exactly
How that moment felt
When i opened up my eyes
And saw your sleeping face

I thought that you were beautiful
Even before today
But what a surprise i took
When i saw your sleeping face.

Long lashes, black hair, eyes closed
And your rythmic slow breath
My heart beating too fast
And my lips longing to touch yours

A cold & cloudy morning
When i lost my breath
To the most beautiful image

I’ll never get out of my head.